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Customer service & Customer proximity go hand in hand for us.

Personal contact person

Trust and a relationship based on partnership is what characterizes the connection to our customers. With a personal contact on site, we are there to advise the customer at all times – even after the project has been completed.

Customized product developments

We do not offer off-the-peg products. Every customer has individual and different needs, which we as a manufacturer and producer are happy to meet. Our products are constantly evolving, also thanks to the extraordinary wishes of our customers. So we – and you – never remain at a standstill.

Project planning

We plan your lighting project in all project phases. Before starting the project, we always analyze the overall situation at the customer’s site: We check structural conditions and measure the existing lighting conditions. Then we go through the amortization and CO2 calculations with you. Until the successful end of the project, we are always at your side for questions and requests.

Lighting design

A detailed lighting design is part of the project. Based on the analysis at your site, we plan, calculate and visualize your light – both individual rooms and complex lighting situations. We prefer to discuss the lighting design together with you.

Professional assembly

The assembly of industrial lights differs from the assembly of home requirements. Leave structural and electrotechnical details to your reliable installation partner – tempLED. In this way, you run purposefully past the competition!

Smart Lighting

We offer the all-round carefree package: in addition to our lights, we also offer radio controls, such as Casambi, Nedap and Zigbee. Motion sensors for automatic, power-saving switching on and off of the lights are also available. We will be happy to advise you on the various smart solutions.

Mediation of contractors

When large projects involve large costs, many customers prefer monthly financing over a longer period of time. No problem! We guarantee the performance and service and you have time to finance the project.

Emergency lighting

We arm you against unexpected failures of your lights: Emergency lighting allows you to conveniently monitor from the office and informs you immediately if a lighting fixture fails.

Hello, I am Isabella your personal consultant

… and I look forward to your contact.

If we could inspire you for our LED industrial lighting and services, we are looking forward to get in touch with you personally. Together we will find the optimal lighting solution for you – let’s get started right away!

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Hallo, ich bin Lisa Ihre persönliche Beraterin

.. und ich freue mich auf Ihren Kontakt.

Wenn wir Sie für unsere LED-Industriebeleuchtung und Services begeistern konnten, freuen wir uns, persönlich mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. Gemeinsam finden wir die für Sie optimale Lichtlösung – lassen Sie uns direkt starten!

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Hello, I am Lisa your personal consultant

… and I am looking forward to your contact.

If we were able to inspire you with our LED industrial lighting and services, we would be happy to get in touch with you personally. Together we will find the optimal lighting solution for you – let’s get started right away!