Lighting for high temperatures

Our LED high-temperature lights won’t break a sweat in a hurry. Whether up to 70, 80 or 100 degrees Celsius – the extruded aluminum profiles defy even the highest temperatures.

Hall Lighting - also big heights

Large mounting heights and complex light point distributions – our LED hall lights do not lose luminosity even at 30 meters.

Outdoor Lighting

Our flexible, powerful LED outdoor lighting covers every angle. Whether ceiling, wall or pole mounted, heights of 40 meters are no problem even in industrial outdoor areas.

Line lighting

One system – no limits: This is how the modular LED line lighting presents itself, ready for all requirements.

| tempLED customer Heliotherm

Clean Room Lighting

Working in clean rooms is subject to certain requirements. Our LED lights meet all criteria to ensure a hygienic and antibacterial working environment.

Lighting for Sports Facilities

Our LED flood lights are perfect for all outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

| tempLED customer Gemeinde Kiefersfelden

| tempLED customer Heliotherm

Multi-purpose & tri-proof lighting

Our LED multi-purpose & tri-proof lights are ideal for damp, wet or dusty environments.

Crane Lighting

Our LED crane light tempLED RayCrane offers you both the bright and energy-saving illumination of the working area directly under the crane and the color-coded position lighting for better and safer navigation within the crane’s operating radius.

| tempLED customer ThyssenKrupp

Plant Lighting

This is not just greenery – with our lights your plants do not hang their heads.

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Adnan Resic

Hallo, ich bin Adnan Ihr persönlicher Berater

.. und ich freue mich auf Ihren Kontakt.

Wenn wir Sie für unsere LED-Industriebeleuchtung und Services begeistern konnten, freuen wir uns, persönlich mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. Gemeinsam finden wir die für Sie optimale Lichtlösung – lassen Sie uns direkt starten!

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Adnan Resic

Hello, I am Adnan your personal consultant

… and I am looking forward to your contact.

If we were able to inspire you with our LED industrial lighting and services, we would be happy to get in touch with you personally. Together we will find the optimal lighting solution for you – let’s get started right away!