tempLED RayProof Pro

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tempLED RayProof Pro

25 | 35 | 50 | 62 | 75
Our LED – multipurpose and tri-proof light series tempLED RayProof Pro is tough and giving. The stable and resistant housing made of stainless steel and ESG glass meets the impact resistance grade IK10. Five power levels between 25 and 75 watts and three construction lengths open up many application possibilities. The completely modular LED moisture-proof luminaire is rounded off by the frosted cover glass for uniform light distribution over 120 degrees, 5-pole through-wiring and optional DALI dimming. Five years full warranty and ten years spare parts warranty allow you to make a safe and long-term investment.

Technical details

Luminous flux

3,250, 4,450, 6,500, 8,050 lm, 9,750 lm

Beam angle

120° symmetrical

color temperature

4,000 kelvins, 5,000 kelvins

Protection class

IP 65

Working temperature

-20°C bis +50°C, -20°C bis +60°C (DALI-Version)

System Performance

35 w, 62 w, 25 w, 50 w, 75 w

optional control technique

Full warranty on lights

Spare parts warranty

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