About Us

tempLED introduces itself.

guiding light in industry

At tempLED, we develop and produce high-quality LED industrial lights for a wide range of requirements. Our experienced LED team is a colorful mix of developers and tinkerers, creative and analytical minds as well as sales and calculation experts. As individual as each and everyone is, we all have one thing in common: working together to create the best possible lighting solution for our customers. The stories of our references confirm that we are successfully managing the aspiration.

What we avouch for

At tempLED, we always have one ear at the customers demands and the other ear at the LED market. This allows us to respond to the individual needs of customers and at the same time not miss any developments in the market. This is how we manage to design unique solutions for the industry, which makes us a sustainable partner.

Service - Innovation - Customer intimacy

These are the three cornerstones that define us and by which we act. Our core competence lies in lighting for the highest requirements: LED lighting at high ambient temperatures and for great heights. In doing so, we find a unique solution for every customer.

Local and regional

We are closely rooted in the region in which we are located. Cooperation based on trust is important to us and promotes mutual growth.

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tempLED GmbH
in Rosenheim




Relocation to Kiefersfelden and establishment of a workshop for lighting manufacture and commissioning of a warehouse: constant availability of up to 9,500 LED lights




Commissioning of a manufacturing facility in Itter (A) and expansion by two sales locations in Vienna and Hamburg.




Foundation tempLED GmbH in Austria


tempLED in numbers

31 LED-experts

6 DACH-sites

77.744 sold LED lights
since 2016 (as of 03/2021)

> 670.000 € turnover
in business year 2016

> 3,5 Mio. € turnover
in business year 2018

> 5 Mio. € turnover
in business year 2020

tempLED fun facts

fruits per year

35 baskets

Coffee & tea consumption

100 cups per year

Average age of employees

44 years

tempLED in numbers


27 employees

Coffee & tea consumption

100 cups per year

fruits per year


Average age of employees

44 years

Departments in the company

7 departments

Internationalisation of company

Germany - Austria - Switzerland

tempLED lives sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit Buche Baum

LED lighting sounds exciting?
Join the tempLED team
and make the world more sustainable!

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Adnan Resic

Hello, I am Adnan your personal consultant

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If we were able to inspire you with our LED industrial lighting and services, we would be happy to get in touch with you personally. Together we will find the optimal lighting solution for you – let’s get started right away!