tempLED for Voestalpine

Silver-gray steel coils, close together. Voestalpine is an international steel group, which we had the pleasure of equipping with more than 1,000 LED industrial lights.

Customer since 2019

Precise LED lights for a precise workplace

The customer


The challenge

High temperatures, large mounting heights, high illuminance with few light points

The solution

tempLED RayBeam Hi HT, tempLED RayLance

"In our work, we place the highest value on precision. Accordingly, our requirements for the lighting were also high in order to be able to guarantee this precise work. With tempLED, we have found a partner who shares our values."

Maintenance & Engineering

tempLED RayBeam Hi HT for hood annealing, measuring station illumination and belt brake
tempLED RayLance for the high-bay warehouse

More than 1,000 LED industrial lights from us are installed at Voestalpine. As an internationally operating steel and technology group, Voestalpine placed great value on sustainable products with efficient performance and durability. Our RayBeam Hi HT LED hall light, which also withstands high temperatures, is used at several locations and impresses with its illuminance despite fewer light point sources. Thanks to the high-performance light-directing optics, stray light is effectively reduced.

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