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New product video of the LED light band shows the added value for the customer.

tempLED RayLine Eco

06.07.2021. After the already very successful release of the LED light band tempLED RayLine Eco in April, there is now also the matching video material for the best-seller, which shows all the advantages around the features and installation.

The intelligent continuous row system
The RayLine Eco convinces first and foremost with its sophisticated design: The modular overall design makes the LED continuous row system a sustainable lighting partner, as all individual components can be replaced and expanded. In addition, the light and blind modules can not only be regrouped at will, but also expanded to include additional luminaires, emergency lighting, radio control, etc. – entirely according to the customer’s individual requirements.

Half the assembly time!

Thanks to the playfully easy plug & play principle, the modules can be simply pushed or plugged into each other via a mounting rail with a corresponding connector. Complicated screwing was yesterday! The few suspension points ensure assembly in peak time.

Easily configure the LED light band yourself!

Done easily and free of charge with our product configurator: Configure the light, create one or more projects and receive a non-binding offer on request.

By the way! The video was shot almost entirely at our production site in Itter, Austria – including fog machine and fire emitter. The remaining sequences were created at our customers place, a cardboard box manufacturer in Austria, who had 160 light modules installed over a length of 600 meters. We were able to be present during the installation, which was handled by tempLED’s partner, TSC – in record speed, of course.

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