tempLED RayBeam V2 HT

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tempLED RayBeam V2 HT

100 | 150 | 200 | 240
Thanks to four power levels from 100 to 240 watts, our tempLED RayBeam V2 HT high-temperature LED hall light is the ideal lighting partner for industrial areas with high ambient temperatures of up to +80 degrees Celsius. The integrated high-performance light control optics with three practical symmetrical beam angles of 60 to 120 degrees effectively reduce stray light and direct the light exactly where it is needed. The completely modular LED high temperature luminaire is rounded off by an electrolytic capacitor-free power supply unit, DALI dimming as standard and a sturdy cover lens made of five millimeter thick safety glass. Five years full warranty and ten years spare parts warranty allow you a safe and long-term investment.

Technical details

Luminous flux

17,000 lm, 24,650 lm, 34,000 lm, 40,800 lm, 51,000 lm

Beam angle

60°, 90°, 120°

color temperature

4,000 kelvins, 5,000 kelvins

Protection class

IP 65

Working temperature

-40°C bis +50°C

System Performance

145 watts, 200 watts, 240 w, 300 watts, 100 w

optional control technology

optional control technology

Full warranty on lights

Spare parts warranty


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